Tool & Hardware Pallet - 768 Pieces

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The Tool and Hardware Starter Pallet comes with 768 pieces of useful everyday tool and hardware items including but not limited to: precision screwdrivers, cable ties, storage hooks, double sided tape, filter masks, utility knife sets, foam brush sets, door bolts, chair door guards, contact cement, super glue, adhesive magnet strips, stretch cords, hasps, dumbo door bolts, wood screws, weather strips, cutters, black tape, glue sticks, bicycle repair kits, safety goggles, sandpaper, sliding window locks, picture hanging kits, metal screws and more. Pallet includes 24 pieces of 32 unique tool and hardware items. All 768 items on the pallet have the same UPC. Pallet comes shrink wrapped and on a cardboard stand as pictured for quick set up and store display