Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mole Gopher Rodent Chaser Repeller

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This item is a advanced ultrasonic mole chaser repeller, which adpots solar powered rechargeable battery, economical and effective. It has no chemicals or poisons, safe to pets and human. Besides, with large coverage area to protect your farm.


- Color: Silver, green.
- Material: Aluminum, ABS plastic.
- Height: 227mm.
- Built-In rechargeable battery (included) 1.2V, 800Mah Ni-cd.
- Effective coverage area 650 square meters / 7,000 square feet.
- It repels these pesky pests and chases them away by sending ultrasonic vibrations through the ground. 
- A safe way for ridding your yard of annoying moles, gophers, and other ground rodents.