MP3 Player and FM Radio 4GB Headset Waterproof FM Radio All in One MP3 Player and Headphones for Swimming

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Anyone who enjoys participating in sports and outside activities knows how important it is to have a reinforcement to help keep going with these healthy, yet sometimes strenuous activities and exercises. Music is definitely such a reinforcement, and this Waterproof MP3 Player is an excellent choice which is suitable for use underwater during swimming and diving, as well as for use during skiing, running, surfing, ice-skating and other similar activities.


- Color: White
- Material: Silicone
- Size: 13x12x1.5cm/5.1x4.7x0.6inch(LxWxH)
- Model: KYK-168
- Program: BR6199
- Support system: Windows / OS MAC system (genuine) WIN7, WIN10
- Frequency response: HZ 30HZ-20K
- Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ + 50℃
- Power format: built in rechargeable lithium battery (160 MA)
- Play time: full after listening to music for about 4-6 hours
- Supported formats: WMA, MP3 music format
- Function: Waterproof music headset
- Charging time: about 2 hours (not over 3 hours)
- Charging voltage: 5V
- Charge current: 500 mA
- Capacity: 4GB
- Waterproof level: international protection class IPX8
- Host material / size: 6x1.5x2.6CM ABS
- Bracket material / size: 13x12x1.5CM PP
- PC interface:USB 2.0 
- Power: built-in 3.7V lithium polymer, rechargeable 160mA battery 
- Up to 8 hours of playback time, continous play time 4-6 hours(full charging)
- MAIN FUNCTIONS & FEATURES: MP3+Headphone+FM Radio, the combination of these functions allows you to cash off the wires and focus on your famous musics or FM Radio, no mater when you are running, swimming, skiing, surfing or cycling.
- PX8 WATERPROOF & IP6X DUSTPROOF:This mp3 Player designed with an independent solution of 100% waterproof, can be totally steeped into the water under 2mm for 30minutes and it still working perfectly; and it is also well dust-proof with IP6X level.
- Note: The waterproof function only be applied to fresh water, sweat, tap water, swimming pool water and saline water.

- 160mAh BATTERY: Built-in 160mAh lithium polymer battery, allows 6 hours straight music playing time at a full charge, and 2hours quick charging time.
- BUILT-IN MEMORY CAPACITY: 4GB memory storage, allows you to upload the famous musics as most as you can, the musics formats must be WMA or MP3.

Use instructions

- Press on/off button boot, After booting the red led indicator light flashing, the MP3 Player start automatically play music.
- Turn off: Long Press on/off button about 5 seconds, then release untill automatic turn off or wait for one minutes automatic turn off, next booting MP3 Player will play following previous song.
- Pause: Press Play button one second to pause Mp3 Player, the machine indicator lights is lighting, but not flashing.
- Next song: Short press next song button.
- Last song: Short press last song button.
- Volume+: Short press volume+ button.
- Volume-: Short press volume- button.