Automotive Pallet - 768 Pieces

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The Automotive Starter Pallet comes with 768 pieces of useful car related items including but not limited to: battery post cleaners, tire gauges, hide-a-keys, sunglass clip holder, beverage holders, siphon pump, car visor CD holder, pencil tire gauge with valves, flashlights, wildlife warning device, insurance and car registration wallet, auto sun shade, license plate frame, stick on reflector, wax applicators, key chains, auto brushes, hose clamps, stretch cords, grab mats, spring link, spot mirrors, seat belt comforters, expandable sponges and car wash pads. Pallet includes 24 pieces of 32 unique automotive items. All 768 items on the pallet have the same UPC. Pallet comes shrink wrapped and on a cardboard stand as pictured for quick set up and store display