2.38m/7.8Ft Battery Booster Cables Vehicle Jumper Cable Clamp 400A 8 Gauge

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Supposing your car can't be started because of some problems of its storage battery this battery booster cables can help you out. Borrow power from other cars through our battery booster cables.

Heavy-duty cable clamp.
With dual construction and extra strong-grip copper teeth.
Battery booster cable is a great to have in cars in case of emergencies.

Color: black + red
Material: PVC + copper
Length: 2.38m / 7.8Ft
Gauge: 8AWG
Current: 400A
Fitment: for cars of 12V battery and less than 2.5L emission
Package Size: 31 * 25 * 15cm / 12 * 7.8 * 5.9in
Package Weight: 766g / 27oz

Package List:
1 * Pair of Battery Booster Cables

1. Make sure both vehicles are turned off.
2. Connect one end of the red clamps to the postive (+) post of the dead battery
3. Connect another end of red clamps to the positive (+) post of the good battery
4. Connect one end of the black clamps to the negative (-) post of the good battery
5. Connect another end of the black clamps to the frame bumper or engine block of the dead battery. DO NOT CONNECT DIRECTLY TO THE NEGATIVE (-) POST.
6. Make sure clamps from one cable do not accidentally touch the clamps of the other cable.
7. Start the working vehicle
8. Wait 1-2 minutes start the dead vehicle and then keep the vehicle running for a few minutes for recharging the battery.
9. Disconnect the cable clamps in the reverse order.